Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New two tests

Today I tested Commodore 128 VIC-IIe at 2MHz and Mega 65 in Commodore 64 mode in Basic 3.5
C128 program in Basic 7.0 was modified only by writting FAST command into program, so I had no any visible progress, after was complete it switched back to SLOW mode, turned VIC-IIe on and I saw drawn picture. After keypress I saw result - on C128 forum was written ~6 hours 30 mins... I believed not, but it is true: 06:10:56... Also on forum was written that progress status can be visible by border flash each line or so - it cannot! Why? Test couldn't to be compared - other tests have no command more...

So, compare C128:
VDC at 2MHz = 12:25:49
VDC at 20MHz = 01:20:22
VIC-IIe at 1MHz = 12:54:17*
VIC-IIe at ~1,3MHz = 09:45:54*
VIC-IIe at 2MHz = 06:10:56* - really similar to VDC at 2MHz
VIC-IIe at 20MHz = 00:15:02* - more than 2 times faster than VDC at 20MHz
*in compare to VDC multiply time by 2 'cause VDC draws 640x200 and VIC-IIe 320x200

Mega 65 in C64 mode
Used was again Basic 3.5 and result is bit faster, but really not so big difference, approx. 1 hour.

Compare C64 modes of C128 and M65:
C128 at 1MHz = 09:54:29
C128 at 20MHz = 00:27:36
M65 at 1MHz = 08:54:31

I add Plus/4 TED emulation to complete
TED at 1,76MHz = 08:32:35 (emulation by VICE 2.4.29)

I must to find GRAPHIC command syntax in Basic 10.0 to compare Mega 65 at 48MHz vs SCPU128, also to do test C64 mode at 48MHz.
For compare to Commodore 65 I have no one and only MESS can to be compared...

Nice can be if any Commodore 64 user and maybe SCPU with C64, also Plus/4 or TED Series user test it and reports result... I know it's lot of time, so chances are low.


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