Tuesday, August 16, 2016

MIRKOSOFT and Robert Willie (aka Hydrophilic) tested Mandelbrot engine on our Commodores.

Mandelbrot Basic program was created by Robert Willie for Basic 7.80 and VDC, corrected for VIC-IIe and TED with Basic 7.0 and 3.5 by Miro Karkus (MIRKOSOFT).

Tested were:

Commodore 128 in two versions:
- VIC-IIe in half density

- VDC in full density
They were tested with CMD SuperCPU at 20MHz, slow mode 1MHz, VDC version in fast mode 2MHz and VIC-IIe also overclocked ~1,3MHz
Results are here:
VDC 640x200 MOS8502 2MHz Basic 7.80 = 12:25:49
VDC 640x200 WDC65816 20MHz Basic 7.80 = 01:20:22
VIC-IIe 320x200 MOS8502 1MHz Basic 7.0 = 12:54:17
VIC-IIe 320x200 MOS8502 ~1,3MHz Basic 7.0 = 09:45:54
VIC-IIe 320x200 WDC65816 20MHz Basic 7.0 = 00:15:02
You can see that used were two Basic versions:
Basic 7.0 - standard Commodore 128 Basic
Basic 7.80 - extended Commodore 128 Basic 7.0 to VDC graphics (created by Robert Willie)
When we compare VDC vs VIC-IIe versions - VIC-IIe version time must to be multiplied twice.

Commodore 64
- really Commodore 128 in C64 mode and VIC-IIe

Here's opened door - can anybody test it on real Commodore 64 with VIC-II and maybe SCPU64?
Only download D81 image and post results in comments (Basic 3.5 for C64 is included).

Used was Basic 3.5 for Commodore 64.
Results of C64 mode are here:
VIC-II 320x200 MOS8502 1MHz Basic 3.5 = 09:54:29
VIC-II 320x200 WDC65816 20MHz Basic 3.5 = 00:27:36
When is compared result of VIC-IIe in native mode, C64 mode is faster at 1MHz, but slower at 20MHz. Again comparing to VDC requires multiplying

Commodore Plus/4
- really VICE emulator only, YAPE tried but failed at drawing.

Here is door opened totally: Can anybody test mandelbrot on any TED machine, best all - C16, C116 and Plus/4 for compare between and to C64 and C128 ?
Download D81 and we will be thankful.

Used was VICE 2.4.29 and standard Basic 3.5 emulation of Plus/4.
TED Series has not any accelerator to compare, but here's result:
TED 320x200 MOS8501 1,76MHz Basic 3.5 = 08:32:35
Looks like fastest in compare to C64 mode 1MHz, even C128 2MHz, but really it's emulator and again comparing to VDC requires multiplying

Even - each Basic version handles interrupts and services incl. Editor by other way, so real compare is MLM program...
When we look at Basic:
2.0 - was unused, missing commands - but handles near nothing - so works faster
3.5 - in case of C64 mode speeds up cursor movement, so it looks all is handled faster
3.5 - in case of TED Series - there is handled more tasks and also Editor is not so poor - so CPU helps
7.0 - C128 Basic handles more than other compared machines, so slower
7.80 - extension of Basic 7.0 adds no one more handling task - so regular to 7.0

So, here's disk image, download and test - then post results in comments here!

Thank you all very much!

Miro Karkus and Robert Willie or MIRKOSOFT and Hydrophilic

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